20 April - 2 May 2022 
At Darl-e and the Bear Gallery

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Inspired by miniature religious votive paintings and the sacred places of my past,
Brythonic Dreams brings together a body of work which casts a lens on the ancient
sleeping pasts within the landscapes of West Wales and my own Welsh heritage.
At its heart is a romantic sensibility about the verdant and rich landscapes of
Pembrokeshire and the wider United Kingdom and dreams about the sub-layers of
histories written in them.

Though I was born and raised in Canada my paternal line were Welsh speakers and
in my work I feel myself being drawn into these landscapes – a haunting, but strong
feeling of connection.

Denoting or relating to the southern group of Celtic languages, consisting of Welsh, Cornish, and
Breton. They were spoken in Britain before and during the Roman occupation, surviving as Welsh and
Cornish after the Anglo-Saxon invasions, and being taken to Brittany by emigrants.

Laura Hope – Gallery Manager, Darl-e and the Bear
‘These precious stitched tablets are wholly crafted and unique. Treharne celebrates
the subject matter by 'forging' each precious surface by using cutting, milling and
burning techniques combined with stitching wire materials and foraged elements.’

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