Artist Statement

I am inspired by the desolate and pure spaces of my rural Canadian childhood, and moved by the strangeness and fertile dark world of myth and legend embedded in the landscapes surrounding my home in Gloucestershire and heritage in Pembrokeshire and Dunbartonshire.

Creating the size and shape by milling surfaces from scratch, choosing wire materials, stitch techniques, and incorporating foraged elements is an essential part of my practice. Preparing the work from surface through to the hanging provides me with a greater area to imbue meaning and messages into my work. I form work on individually handcrafted surfaces. I am inspired by portable miniature religious votive paintings of the past; robust and miniature ancient objects that feel undeniably precious.

I create surfaces that are one-off, to carry messages about lost and found sacred places surrounding us.  My work draws viewers into the spaces in between, to small stitched worlds - opening up new conversations.


Born in Toronto in 1989 to a Scottish Mother and Welsh Father, I was raised in Haliburton County, in rural Ontario Canada.

I have exhibited in Canada, throughout the United Kingdom, and on international online platforms.

I create work out of my studios based in Gloucestershire and Pembrokeshire.