Artist Statement

I am a Canadian artist with roots stemming from a Scottish mother and a Welsh father. Recently, I have settled in Builth Wells, located in Mid Wales.

My artistic process involves the use of uniquely cut and milled wooden panels. These panels are adorned with decorative burnings and wire embroidery before being painted. Each piece is crafted on a small scale, intended to be hung on the wall as-is. The surface of my work seamlessly merges with its frame, creating a unified entity.

My creative passion is fueled by a desire to capture the essence of places and stories that exude a sense of magic, sacredness, and a delicate connection to another realm.

Recent sources of inspiration include medieval paintings discovered on ancient church walls, neolithic monuments, and oral histories intertwined with my own heritage.

Additionally, the landscapes and experiences from my Canadian upbringing interweave into the imagery of my art.


I was born in Toronto in 1989 and raised in the rural town of Minden, Ontario Canada.

My upbringing surrounded by iconic rural Canadian landscapes, along with my connections to recent heritage sites in North Pembrokeshire and Dunbartonshire, continuously shape my artistic endeavors.

While I didn't pursue formal arts education, I've had the privilege of receiving direct guidance from seasoned artists through invaluable hands-on experiences. 

I have a  background in clothing design and production which has instilled in me a strong work ethic and a deep appreciation for the importance of materials.

Upon relocating to the United Kingdom and undergoing a year of mentorship at The Newlyn School of Art in Cornwall, I have exhibited my work throughout the United Kingdom.

In 2021, I became a mother, a transformative experience that has sparked new avenues of connection, inquiry, and inspiration in my art.

I work primarily out of a home studio in Builth Wells and also from a woodshop in North Pembrokeshire.

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